-"Maja Karen", circus themed photoshoot, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"The Hive", hoop acts, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"Light Night Leeds", triple trapeze act, Leeds, Uk

-"Hattie", triple trapeze show, Jacksons Lane Theatre, London, Uk

-"Kulturuge", rope act, Bornholm, Denmark

-"Nykredit", hoop act, Tap1, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"Triplet", triple trapeze show and triple trapeze act, Alès, France

-"Himmelstorm festival", static cloud and hoop acts, Hundested, Denmark

-"Hawila Circus", static cloud acts on a boat, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"The Triplet", triple trapeze act, Big Splash Festival, Newport, Uk

-"Lost in Transit", show created for the Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton, Uk

-"Bestsellerfest", hoop acts, Herning messecentre, Denmark

-" Påske Tam Tam", silks and hoop acts, Tap1, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"The Hive", hoop acts, Copenhagen, Denmark


-"Glitter Ball", silks, trapeze, stilts and fire acts, ICC, Birmingham, Uk

-"Vinopolis Christmas Party", silks act, Vinopolis, London, Uk

-"The Glitter Belles", stilts walkabout, London, Uk

-"CPH:DOX, Cirkusdynastiet", hoop act, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"Zetland live", hoop act, Bremen teater, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"Creative aerial theatre", research and development with a triple trapeze, Proteus theatre, Basingstoke, Uk

-"Bertelsmann London 2014", hoop act, the National Centre for Circus Arts, London, Uk

-"Cropp Tattoo Konvent", rope acts for a tattoo convention, Katowice, Poland

-"The Birdage", hoop act and stilts hangabout for Coco Company, The Cotswold, Uk

-"Rop felines", rope act for a show at Saint Martins University, London, UK

-"Little Bit", hoop act for The Aeronaut cabaret, London, Uk

-"Masks and basques", rope act for a cabaret at Rose Theatre, Kingston, Uk

-"Birds of Paradise", stilts walkabout for Coco company, Troxy, London, Uk

-"Aurélie 2014", circus and fashion video, collaboration with Raquel Couceiro from Showstudio, London, Uk

-"Too Punk To Fuck", fashion movie for Scarlet Fever and Showstudio, Showstudio, London, Uk

-"Birds of Paradise", stilts walkabout for Coco company, The Renaissance Hotel, London, Uk


-"Chicago", hoop, trapeze and silks acts during all the month for Impact artists, Billericay, Uk

-"The snow queens", stilts hangabout for Coco company, London, Uk

-"Shortlist party", hoop acts for the annual Shortlist magazine party, London, Uk,

-"Chrystal cabaret", hoop and silks acts, Hippodrome casino, London, Uk

-"Little bit more", music video for the Deutsch band Bo Saris, London, Uk

-"London Fields", legs hung from the celling in Mathew Cullen's movie, London, Uk

-“Cirque de la vie”, silks act for a charity fundraising event, London, Uk

-“Big Love”, performed Clémentine during a festival, Suffolk, Uk

-"Chrystal Cabaret", silks and fire acts, The Hippodrome Casino, London, Uk

-"The Birdcage", double hoop act, Bradford and Ilkley, Uk

-“Art by the sea”, performed Clémentine in a music festival, Mallorca, Spain

-“ These Halcyon days”, main character in a music video for the band Revere, London, Uk

-"Crystal Fighters", trapeze for a music video, London, UK

-"Circus Maximus", performed "Clémentine" at Udderbelly Festival, London, Uk

-"Baroque Empire", silks and hoop for a music video for Odette Albani, London, Uk

-"Carmen", show directed by Steen Koerner,  Bellevue Teatret and Black Box Teatret, Copenhagen and Holstebro, Denmark


-"Chandelier Motel", fire, hoop and silks acts, De Sade Club, Milan, Italy

-"Elonuit", diner show, silks, fire and hoop acts, Milan, Italy

-"Blue Jeans", hoop act for a private event, Kaunas, Lituania

-"Stefano Forever", cabaret show, hoop, silks and fire acts, Saint Tropez, France

-"Lancaster University Graduation Ball", silks and hoop acts, Lancaster, Uk

-"La rue est à Amiens", performed "Clémentine" during a street festival, Amiens, France

-"The Birdcage", double hoop act for a private event, Windsor, Uk

-"Vemma European Convention 2012", silks and double hoop acts, Malmö arena, Malmö, Sweden

-"Saint Nicholas Shopping Centre Anniversary", hoop and double hoop acts, Sutton, Uk

-"Barcelona Burlesque Festival", performed "Clémentine" , El Molino, Barcelona, Spain

-"Jim Beam Honey", silks acts for the launch of the new Jim Beam alcool, London, Uk

-"The Birdcage", double hoop act, Victorian Vaults, London, Uk

-"The Sugar Beast Circus", Sugar Beast Circus show, Mâcon national theatre, France

-"Dolls night", hoop act, Proud Camden, London, Uk

-"La Rêve", hoop act, Café de Paris, London, Uk

-"Event-Dimensions", Sugar Beast Circus show, Mime Festival, London, Uk

-"Musica Civica", silks and corde lisse acts, performed alongside a classical orchestra, Foggia and Lucera, Italy


-"Black Fire new years eve", hoop acts, London, Uk

-"La Rêve", cordelisse act, Café de Paris, London, Uk

-"French Circus", silks and fire act for Impact Artists, Essex, Uk

-"Old Vic Tunnel Festive Season", hoop act for 33 events, London, Uk

-"Cirque de Noël", hoop and silks act for Awesome Events, London, Uk

-"Circus Futures", rope act, extract of the show Event-Dimensions, Bristol, Uk

-"Chi X Europe Annual Party", silks and double hoop act for Excess all Areas, London, Uk

-"Harlow Playhouse, 40th anniversary charity gala", silks act and performed "Clémentine", Harlow, Uk

-"Formula one after party", aerial shows at the LAP lounge, Delhi, India

-"These Halcyon Days", main character in a video for the band Revere, London, Uk

-"Wam Bam Club", double hoop act, Café de Paris, London, Uk

-"Gabby Young and Other animals", silks act during a concert, Koko Club, London, Uk

-"Doctor Clive's circus", double hoop act, Arcola tent, London, Uk

-"Event-Dimension", rope act, extract of the show Event-Dimension, Bristol, Uk

-"Opening of Westfield Stratford city", aerial coccon for the opening of the shopping center London, Uk

-"Dark Angel", aerial harness for "Il Divo", during the live tv show "Red or Black", London, Uk

-"Kitchen sink circus cabaret", double hoop act, Arcola tent, London, Uk

-"Event-Dimension", creation of a new show with Sugar Beast Circus company, La Brèche, Cherbourg, France

-"Collectif and then on a boat", hoop act, Shoreditch festival, London, UK

-"Obstacles", static cloud act, part of an ensemble show, Jackson's Lane theatre, London, Uk

-"Toros libres", trapeze act for Bearded Kitten, Glastonbury festival ,UK

-"Saturday scratch",performed "Follow me", Stratford circus, London, UK

-"Circus revolution",silks, hoop, rope, and fire juggling, Sensatori resort, Tenerife, Spain

-"Follow me", static cloud act with a guitarist, The Hive cabaret, London UK

-"Circus freaks", hoop an trapeze acts for a weekly event, Camden Proud, London, UK 


-"Cirque de Noel",silks acts for Awesome Events, London, UK

-"Visit London Award",silks act, London, UK

-"Circus Festival", performed "Clementine", Dusseldorf, Germany

-"The Hive Cabaret",performed "Lazy Mary" on a trapeze, London, UK

-"Turning Point Festival",static cloud act, Roundhouse theatre, London UK

-"Collectifandthen on a boat", static cloud act, Toulouse, France

-"Latitude Festival", performed "Clementine", Suffolk, UK

-"Step it out", ensemble show, directed by Sue Broadway, performed at The National Theatre, London ,UK

-"Zirkus Plus Festival",performed "Clementine", Barrow, UK

-"Clementine",third year static cloud solo piece,The Circus Space, London ,UK


-"Lazy Mary", second year cloud swing solo piece, The Circus Space, London, UK

-"Fragments, Footprints and Shadows", ensemble show of the second year degree students, Village underground, London, UK


-"On the Brink", links for the third year solo pieces,The Circus Space, London ,UK 


-"Moonlight Cirkus", rope and static cloud, act part of an ensemble show, Zofy circus school , Sion ,Switzerland

-"Ludimaniak festival", trapeze act, Estavayer, Switzerland


-"Où suis-je", trapeze act in Turbul, Nîmes, France

-"Ronan et moi", rope act with a live musician, Nîmes, France


-Differents pieces and ensemble shows in Turbul, Nîmes, France